DIY Floral Wall Mural | Cheap, Affordable (Under $40)

Since the world has been quarantined, I’ve had time to do just about everything I’ve put off doing because I didn’t have time. Not only was getting my blog up and running again and detoxing the nasty chemicals from my life on my list, but I also did A LOT of organizing and got rid of a lot of clutter! And let me tell you, getting rid of clutter is so freeing! It’s just relaxing to go into a space and it be neat, organized, and not claustrophobic feeling.

When I got rid of so much clutter, my bedroom almost seemed empty. In my opinion, rooms that are too empty aren’t very cozy. Instead of getting more “stuff” to fill the space, I decided to make my own floral mural for the wall above my desk! And then I decided to add it to my Toxin Free Lifestyle blog because I got a lot of positive feedback when I posted a picture on my Instagram story, and it’s my blog so I can do what I want with it! LOL. (But getting rid of clutter is like a mental detox, so it still fits, right?)

I’d seen these floral walls on Etsy, but they were super expensive…like $40 for a small square. I’d need at least 8 or 10 of the squares to fill the space over my desk, and that’s just way too expensive. For $40, I made my own! I got everything at the Dollar Tree (besides my hot glue gun…I already had one of those.)

Supplies You’ll Need:

-35-40 “bouquets” of flowers: Each one of these at the Dollar Tree is $1 and they have about 6 flowers in each. I got about 6 different kinds of flowers in different shades of pink, white, and ivory.

-2 Foam Boards: Again, each of these was $1 at the Dollar Tree.

-Glue Gun

Step 1: Pull all of the flowers off the stems. (Miss Cammie always wants to help!)

Step 2: Cut the little piece off that held the flower onto the stem to make the base of the flower flat.

Step 3: Hot glue the flowers onto the foam boards.

Before I glued them, I put all the flowers into a pile and mixed them up so I could just grab random ones to glue on.

This was such an easy project and it looks perfect hanging above my desk! By the way, I just used a few thumb tacks to hang the boards on the wall. Let me know if you give this project a try! And I love crafting in general, so I may pop in a few DIY crafty posts here and there…we’ll see!