Why Toxin-Free?

A lot of people wonder why I care so much about what products I use and the ingredients in the products I use. An excuse I get a lot is “We’re all going to die anyway,” or “Everything gives you cancer now a days.” Yes, death is inevitable however, I’d rather live my life looking and feeling my best than live with chronic headaches, terrible cystic acne, and debilitating time of the month issues.

I’ve also seen way too many seemingly healthy people get and die from cancer and other preventable diseases. Less than 10% of cancer is caused by genetics! The vast majority is caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. When you look at people’s diets full of processed food and their everyday life filled with unnecessary toxic chemicals, it’s sad, but not shocking.

I’ve done a complete overhaul on my lifestyle to eliminate as many toxic chemicals as I can control. I’ve also switched to eating real, whole foods. The way I look and FEEL every day is night and day compared to where I was 10 years ago. I want to help you live your best life! I don’t want you limping to the grave!

I have created multiple resources to help take the leg work out of detoxifying your life. I’d love it if you join me on my social media platforms, (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.) You have the power to take control of your health and I want to help you along the way!