About Me


Hey everyone, I’m Sarena. This used to be a lifestyle blog, but after my worst nightmare came true on January 14, 2018, I’ll be writing about grieving and coping with the loss of the love of my life. I may do a typical “lifestyle” blog post here and there, but that is not the focus of my blog anymore.

Right after Cj’s passing, I looked all over the internet for other stories of girls in their 20’s losing their boyfriend/husband. I think I found 3. There’s a lot of articles and stories of women who are 50 or older losing their spouse, but there’s not much out there for women who are younger. You may be thinking, “of course there’s nothing out there about younger people losing their significant other…they’re young!” But let me tell you, since this happened, I have come across a LOT of young people this has happened to. Only, no one talks about it. Not many share their stories.

I hope that by sharing my story, I can provide comfort to someone who is having the absolute worst time of their life and give them hope that they will feel joy again