About Me


Hi everyone, I’m Sarena! I love toxin-free living and I constantly share my (sometimes unwarranted) opinion on different products and natural remedies to people in my life. I truly believe God has provided us everything we need to live a healthy life, and sickness and disease are caused by man (humans) altering what God has provided. So many people think that everything causes cancer…I think everything man made causes cancer…everything God made does not.

Over the years, I’ve gradually made lifestyle changes to cleanse the toxins from my life and in the process, I’ve healed my severe cystic acne, put my (almost daily) headaches to an end, cured my debilitating monthly girl issues, etc. I have so much more energy, have a generally more positive mindset, and I’m just happier!

This blog started in 2017 with the hopes of blogging about going toxin free however, I didn’t have a clear plan so I got off track very quickly. Then in 2018, my boyfriend Cj passed away unexpectedly. To help me with the grieving process, I wrote about it. I shared a lot about my feelings, different situations that upset me, my (often poor) ways of coping…I was a complete disaster for a WHILE. Writing about it helped me get through it. (I’m leaving those posts up for myself to look back at to remind me how far I’ve come, and maybe someone going through a similar situation will find them and find comfort in them.) But while grieving, I let my good healthy habits go down the drain. This past year, I’ve been trying to get back on the healthy lifestyle track and bring back my old, but good habits.

I started making gradual changes like eating organic and swapping out products like shampoo and toothpaste. Eventually, I started sharing information in my Instagram stories about products/companies to avoid, alternatives to conventional, toxin filled products, and other information on a toxin free lifestyle. I received a lot of positive reactions and have had a lot of fun conversations on the topic with people who either share the same opinions, or people who want to learn more. After much procrastination, I decided to start blogging about my toxin free journey!

I hope you enjoy the information I share in my blog and I hope it encourages you to do your own research on different products and ingredients to help you take steps to clean out the toxins in your life!