10 Healthy Habits (For Your Soul) to Start Today | Detox Your Life

*** Disclaimer:  I am not a healthcare professional or nutritionist. Healthy living and nutrition are hobbies of mine and this blog is my own personal experience. For more information, please see my blog disclaimer.

When people think about Holistic Health, organic food, natural products, yoga, and meditation probably come to mind. Holistic Health is mind, body, and soul. You want your mental health, physical health, and spiritual health to all be in good standing in order to feel your best and function at your most optimal level.

In today’s society, so many people are running on autopilot. They go through the motions instead of being mentally present. People are mentally drained and overwhelmed. They use coffee to get them going in the morning, and alcohol to put them to sleep at night. That’s no way to live in my opinion, (although I used to be one of those people.)  I’ve decided to share 10 healthy habits that I’ve implemented in my life in order to stay grounded and not get overwhelmed.

1. Start The Day With Intention

Give your day a purpose. Wake up in the morning with a plan of action. What goals do you want to accomplish for the day? How will you accomplish those goals? Giving your day a purpose will help you to be more productive and it will get you excited for the day!

2. Don’t Check Your Phone First Thing In The Morning

Let the morning be “you time”. Wash your face, make breakfast, get yourself ready for the day, then you can check your phone. There’s so much negativity in the world, the last thing you need to do to get yourself in a positive mindset, is fill your head with the negativity on social media first thing in the morning. Of course not all of social media is negative however, I’m constantly seeing negative posts as I scroll through my feed as well as positive ones. Starting your day by writing down positive affirmations will put you on a much better foot than scrolling through Instagram.

3. Wake Up When Your Alarm Goes Off!

Resist the urge to hit snooze. This is one I struggle with. It’s to the point where I just have to mentally force myself to get out of bed. But hitting snooze will put a damper on your morning. You won’t feel as energized as you wake up, you’ll be rushed to get yourself ready and you’ll set yourself back on that plan you set for yourself. If you want to start your day on a good note and have a relaxing morning, get out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off and start the day!

4. Get Off The Couch!

Stand up, move around! I have a dog so this one is easy because I have to take her for a walk. But even just getting up and doing a 10 minute stretch will help you feel more energized. I used to have a desk job where I was glued to my desk for 8 hours a day. My co-workers were constantly catching me stretching. But just standing up and moving your body feels soooo good! I promise!

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5. Fold Your Laundry Right Away

Isn’t it the worst when you’re looking for a piece of clothing, and you have to dig through the basket of clothes you neglected to fold just to find it? Then after you’re done digging, there’s clothes all over the floor, you’re rushed to get out the door because what you wanted to wear was in the basket instead of where it belongs…anyone else have this experience? This is one of those tasks that I hate doing, but it feels so good to have it done. I love walking into my bedroom and not seeing a basket full of clothes that I need to fold. Plus, if you fold them straight out of the dryer, they won’t get wrinkled!

6. When You Buy Clothes, Get Rid Of Clothes

You do not need all those clothes in the back of your closet just in case you get invited to a costume party where you’ll need that sparkly dress you wore for New Year’s 4 years ago and haven’t touched since. A lifestyle with a more minimalist approach is mentally freeing. In the past month, I’ve got rid of about 4 bags of clothes. It feels so much less overwhelming when I look in my closet now. I’ve made the goal to get rid a piece of clothing when I get a new piece so my closet doesn’t make me overwhelmed ever again.

7. Go To The Pantry With A Purpose

Assess whether you’re actually hungry, or just bored. If you are hungry, know what you want before you open the pantry (or fridge). This will help with that mindless snacking habit. If you’re just bored, go for a walk, stretch, write, paint, exercise, do something! Don’t just snack.

8. Get Vitamin D From The Sun

20 minutes outside in the sun (with no sunscreen) gives your body the perfect amount of vitamin D it needs for the day. Getting vitamin D from the sun is the optimal way for your body to receive and use it how it’s supposed to. Vitamin D is necessary for a strong immune system and sunlight also helps with seasonal depression (naturally). So don’t be scared of the sun! The sun is your friend and it’s necessary for life itself to exist! So go outside and get your daily dose of vitamin D!

9. Don’t Engage In Social Media Arguments

They’re stupid, draining, and you won’t change anyone’s mind by name calling in a comment. If you feel the urge, just get off of social media. It’s not worth the stress! This is also why I love having an Instagram account for my dog. I only follow other dogs from that account, so if I want a nice pick me up, I scroll through her account to see all the cute dogs! It’s the best!

10. Wind Down With A Book

You know when you’re reading a book and you doze off without even realizing it? Why not do that before bed?? The blue light from devices makes it harder to fall asleep at night. So turn off the devices and pick up a book! I used to read all the time, then life got busy and I stopped making it a point to read. Ever since quarantine started, I’ve made it a habit to read at least one chapter of a book before bed. Since April 1, I’ve finished 4 books and I’m halfway through book 5.

With life starting to get somewhat normal again, don’t let yourself get set on autopilot! Live in the moment and continue to make time for yourself. Notice how I keep saying you’ll feel “so good”? You deserve to feel good every day! So take a mental break, live in the present, and be stress free!